Prayer Among Friends

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Author: Thomas Herbert O’Driscoll

Thomas Herbert O’Driscoll (17 October 1928) was born in Ireland and emigrated to Canada to become one of the most highly regarded preachers in the Anglican Church. A consummate storyteller, a popular broadcast and print commentator, and prolific hymn writer, he authored numerous books on Bible interpretation and the spiritual life, many of which reflect Celtic Christianity.

The author says, “These talks began as a response to an invitation from an old friend. Her name was Pat Curtis, and she asked me if I would do some articles for the Newsletter of the Anglican Fellowship of Prayer….

The audio material was generously provided, to the AFP, by The Reverend Canon Dr. Herbert O’Driscoll for your enjoyment.

Each reflection is approximately 6 minutes in length.

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The Sixteen Reflections

About Herbert O’Driscoll & Gwyneth Evans

Herbert O’Driscoll is an Anglican priest. He was born in Ireland and emigrated to Canada in the 1950’s. He has been, at various times, Dean of Christ Church Cathedral in Vancouver, Warden of the College of Preachers in Washington DC and Rector of Christ Church Parish in Calgary.

Herbert has written many popular books on the spiritual life, Bible Interpretation, liturgy and the lectionary, and has delivered innumerable radio broadcasts. He is a specialist in homiletics and Celtic spirituality. He remains a sought-after speaker, preacher, teacher and leader of retreats and pilgrimages. He and his wife Paula live in Victoria, British Columbia, where he is an Honorary Assistant at Christ Church Cathedral. From his home base there, he continues to travel widely throughout North America , the United Kingdom, Europe and the Holy Land.

All of the music heard on these recordings was arranged from traditional folk tunes (most of them Celtic in origin), by the performer, harpist Gwyneth Evans. Gwyneth is a former Professor of English at Vancouver Island University who now lives in Victoria and is in great demand as a musician. She and her husband Gary share their home with five harps (including the antique Lyon and Healy concert harp heard on this recording), as well as an English Setter named Pippin.

These notes were originally produced in Victoria, British Columbia, by Ian Alexander, Matthew Baird and Marilyn Dalzell.

Everything exists within God. “When we grasp this reality, prayer ceases to be something formal and institutional, and becomes something everyday and wondrously ordinary. There is no part of life that cannot be offered to God. Every breath we take, every word we say and action we do, is lived in the presence of God, and can be shared with God. This is good news for all who decide to explore the mysterious country of prayer, where everyone is a pilgrim, none is an expert, and God calls us to a lifelong journey of discovery. Herbert O’Driscoll’s book, Prayer Among Friends, first appeared in 2008. he has adopted sixteen of its twenty-one short chapters for himself to read on this audio recording. The author’s voice, punctuated with strains of Celtic harp tunes, brings these reflections powerfully and evocatively to life.
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