Corporate Stewardship Prayers

Prayer #1

Gracious and generous God, Creator and Giver of all that is good, we thank you for our many blessings. We acknowledge that all that we have is from you. We offer you thanks and praise for the beauty of the earth, our work, our family, our loved ones, and all the gifts we have been given.
You are with us always. In each dark hour, you are here. In each bright hour, you are here. Blessed by your grace, may we show gratitude by sharing what we have been given.
By serving our brothers and sisters, we serve you.
We remain ever grateful for your constant love, the gift of your Son Jesus, and the presence of your Holy Spirit with us.
Protect and guide us on our journey, and guide those who are involved in Diocesan, and parish stewardship leadership.
We remain your faithful stewards, Amen

Prayer #2

Generous and loving God, we come to you in thanksgiving, knowing that all we are and all that we have is gift from you. In faith and love, help us to do your will. We are listening. Speak your words into the depth of our souls, that we may hear you clearly.
We offer to you this day all the facets of our lives, whether it be at home, at work, or at school. We seek to be patient, to be merciful, to be generous, to be holy. Give us the wisdom and insight to understand your will for us and the fervour to carry out our good intentions.
We offer our gifts of time, talent and possessions to you as a true act of faith, to reflect our love for you and our neighbours.
Help us to reach out to others as you have reached out to us. Amen

Prayer #3

Lord we pray that we will make stewardship a way of Life. We acknowledge you as the source of all we have and all we are.
Help us to place you, our loving Creator, first in our lives by becoming more prayerful, more focused on loving and caring for our families and our neighbours in need, and by becoming less preoccupied with material things.
Help us to hear your call to be good stewards, caretakers, and managers of all your gifts by sharing them for your purposes.
Help us make your priorities our priorities and to put our faith into action. Help us plan to “give back” the talents, treasures and time with which we have been blessed.
Help us plan to serve our church, our community, and our world with your gifts.
May we serve you and pray with a joyful spirit of mind and heart. Amen