“Help with everything”

From: J
Subject: Help with everything
Message Body: Hello, my husband, Jeff,has been a long haul truck driver for the past 4 years. Unfortunately he hasn’t been with very good companies and hasn’t been paid properly,or at all. They’ve overworked him to the point he’s needed medical attention at times. Now just I think we are finally getting on our feet his mother tells me she’s been supporting us. She’s given us thousands upon thousands of dollars to help out. She’s a senior who can’t afford to retire now because of us. Along with this my marriage has been on the abusive side of things and neglectful. Nothing physical but many lies,broken promises, financial rip offs and he’s had an affair, yet even hugging me will only last for a minute tops. Some things there’s been reasons behind them like he’s been told we’re getting a rental house through his company but they keep delaying it. There’s so much more but it takes awhile to talk about it. At least you get the general idea. Ive been thinking long and hard about leaving him and I honestly don’t know what to dodoesn’t want me to leave him So I’m asking as many people as possible to help pray for us. I’m asking for help with our marriage,or guidance in leaving it if it can’t be fixed. I’m asking for prayer that Jeff gets on with a good,steady trucking company that treats him properly and with proper pay. I’m asking for prayer in finding a place to live,with our 2 cats and 1 dog so we don’t gave to give them up. One of my cats is my emotional support. She’s done this on her own without any kind of training. She chose me,I wasn’t going to take her,just her sister so giving her up would especially tear my heart out. She all I have left that I can call mine. I think,because Jeff hasn’t proven otherwise to me yet after 3 years,that all of my things have been thrown away. Jeff says there safe in storage and that when we get a place to live he’s going to gave it delivered…it’s in a different province than us as we moved from one end of Canada to the other. My things,he says, are halfway because he couldn’t afford to get them sent the rest of the way yet. But I’ve yet to see any kind if proof that that’s true. If it were just things like clothes n whatnot it wouldn’t hurt so much but it’s my whole life, pictures, things from my grandmother and great grandmother, my past health records that my mom had kept from my childhood cancer days just in case we’d need that I for after in my life as my treatments were all experimental, in the 80’s before computers. Etc. We didn’t have the money for me to get my picture ID done and when we did Jeff just put it off. I don’t drive. As a result I missed my mother’s funeral last year because here in B.C. It takes 3 weeks for it to come in the mail. Life hasn’t been easy and it’s only been my belief that’s stopped my from committing sucide. I have very little hope left that things will work out at this point. I have no support and no family I can turn to either as my siblings are much older than me and their money is very tight too. I’m a stranger in a new province,my husband’s hometown, no money to get back east,nowhere to go even if I could. All I have left are my pets,the clothes on my back, memories,very bad credit and a very broken marriage. But I know prayer works miracles so I’m reaching out for help,support,uplifting,reassurance and freedom from my stress,depression and anxiety and from whatever is making me weak,dizzy and forgetful. The doctors just blame my anemia but it’s more than that. I’m on 3 iron pills a day and after a few months should begin to feel better but nothing changes. I’ve had a thyroid issue that says I have hyperthyroidism but I have all the symptoms of hypothyroidism,except weight loss. I can’t lose my weight either. I followed weight watchers point plus very closely,going in at 240 pounds and came out weighing 260 three months later. As a result of these issues I can’t hold a job either or I’d certainly would have been doing something before things got this bad. Thank you for your time and patience, I don’t know who else or where else to turn to so again thank you and please pray for me (us) in any way you feel is best. I honestly don’t know myself anymore I feel so lost,alone and abandoned. Even God seems so distant these past 2 years. I’ve been praying and hoping for an answer as to what I should do,stay and hope our marriage comes together,or leave and face homelessness on my own with nothing and no one. God hasn’t given me any answer of any kind and it’s felt even darker. Please help.

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